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Enterprise - adding, editing or renaming Projects or Project Groups

Enterprise Administrators are the only team members who can add or edit Projects.

To perform any of the below functions first login to all Projects and click on Manage -> Enterprise from the toolbar in the top right hand corner.

To add a new Project - click on the plus icon in the Projects dock to open the create a new project window, then add the name of the Project and select which Project Groups to assign your new Project to.

To add a new Project Group - expand the Project Groups dock and click on the plus icon.  Enter the new Project Group name and optionally select another existing group to categorise it under.

To make changes to a Project Group - Open the Project Group in the Workspace by clicking on the name of the Project Group.  From here you can edit the name of the Project Group, change which Project Groups it is assigned to, or delete the Project Group if it is not required. (Please note that you cannot delete a Project Group while Projects are still assigned to it, you will need to re-assign all Projects in the Project Group individually before you are able to delete it.)

To rename an existing Project or reallocate it under a different Project Group  - click the magnifying glass beside the Project name in the Projects dock to open the Project in the Workspace.  Then rename it and/or categorise it under a different Project Group.

Note:  In order to avoid confusion, we recommend that all Projects and Project Groups have clear, unique names and avoid duplication of names.

Cancelling or Archiving Projects - these functions are performed by Consultation Manager staff - see here for more information 

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