Enterprise Version - Read-Only plans and Backups

Enterprise systems comprise multiple projects. All have historical value throughout the life of an organisation, however when the consultation cycle on individual projects come to a close, it is often not necessary to make further modifications.

This is where our 'Read-Only' plans come in.

Putting projects into a 'Read-Only' state mean that they can still be opened, viewed and reported on, but new data cannot be added and changes cannot be made to existing data.

Adding a 'Read-Only' plan to your Enterprise doubles the size of your Enterprise at a fraction of the cost.  

For example, if you have an Enterprise 20 system you would normally have access to 20 'live' projects.  If you add a 'Read-Only' plan you can increase this capacity to 40 projects (20 'live' and 20 'read-only'). 

The cost for 'read-only' functionality is a small uplift to your existing annual fee.  

Please call us on 1300 850 058 if you need to find out what plan you are on and what the cost with be for your Enterprise.


You can request a backup copy of any project and its documents in your Enterprise to be emailed to you at any time for $1000 excluding GST per project.

The backup comes as a zip file containing all relevant data tables from your Project in .csv format.  These files can be opened with Excel.

Please allow 72 hours for receipt of your backup.

To request a backup please email us at support@consultationmanager.com.au

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