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Importing Stakeholders

You can import external Stakeholder data into Consultation Manager quickly and easily using the import tool. 

The best way input bulk data into Consultation Manager, is by following the below Import  instructions:

1. Go to the Command Bar in the upper right hand corner, go to the "Tools" menu, and then select "Import".


2. Select a "Data Type" Template to download i.e. Stakeholders Only

Please do not change anything within the template, simply input your data in the corresponding columns. Altering the template can create errors in the import which can take time to isolate and fix.

If you wish to import Stakeholders and Events, we recommend doing the Stakeholder import first.


3. Populate the template by using the relevant columns, input (copy and paste) your data directly. Once complete, save the file as a .CSV format.

4. Return to the Consultation Managers Import tool.

5. Following the below instructions, chose your file from your local computer or network:

i. Click "choose file" and select the relevant document to import. 

    ii. Select the Project/s you would like associated with the data.

Tip: Ensure the "data type" aligns with the template i,e. if you are importing only stakeholder data, ensure the data type reflects that template. 


6.  Click "Continue" to begin the Import.

You will then be taken to another view, where you can check and assess all your data before you complete the import. 
Take time to confirm everything is in the correct fields and you are happy with the results. 

Tip: Ensure the top 2 rows match exactly. 



7. When you have verified the data, click "Import".

The system will take you to the workspace. Once complete, you can confirm you're happy with the import result, or in the case that you are not, you can always roll the import back.

Important notes: 

  • To conduct an import you will need to have the highest access role i.e Enterprise Administrator for an Enterprise licence, or Team Leader for Lite (Project) licence.
  •  Please do not change the format of the template in anyway, this will cause the import to fail. 
  •  If you have over 500 rows of data, we recommend conducting multiple imports. 
  •  Event imports can be linked to Stakeholders via the email address field. However, they must be identical to their existing record in Consultation Manager. Any variations, including capital differences or spaces will affect this function.  
  • You do not have to populate every cell in the document, but do not delete columns from the template. 
  • Please do not add more than one phone, fax, or email in a cell. Adding more than one may cause the import to malfunction. 

Something seems to have gone wrong, how do I roll back an unsuccessful import? I would also like some more information on how import events

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