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Merging Duplicate Team Members

Team Members cannot be removed from a Project or Enterprise if they are linked to any other entities (such as Events, Stakeholders or Documents) in the system.

If a Team Member has been duplicated in your system, you will need to transfer all linked entities from one of the duplicate records to the other prior to removing them.

To do this, we recommend identifying the record you wish to keep and appending the word ' DELETE' to the Last Name of the record(s) you wish to remove to eliminate any confusion.

To delete the duplicate:

You will need 'Team leader' permission on a Lite licence, or Enterprise Administrator permission on an Enterprise licence to perform the following steps.

1/  Open the team member record you plan to remove from your Project, we recommend selecting the team member with the least items related to it.

2/ Open all items related to the duplicate (Events, Stakeholders, Actions etc).

3/ Re-allocate all related items to the correct team member record.

4/ Remove the relationship between the items and the duplicate team member.

5/  Once you have reallocated all of the items related to the duplicate team member, go to Manage > Project (Lite licence) or Manage > Enterprise (Enterprise licence) and remove the team member record by clicking on the delete (red cross) button beside their name, or by clicking on the delete button in the Team Member's profile.

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