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Merging Duplicate Event Types

Duplicate Event types can cause issues when reporting, as it will skew the data across multiple categories of the same name, rather than reporting the true statistics based on the Event Type. It can also be confusing for End Users when trying to select the correct Event type if there are duplicates. Here are the steps to remove duplicate Event Types.

Determine if there is anything linked to the Event Type. If there isn't you can just delete the duplicate Event Type. To check go to Manager Enterprise > Expand Event Types > Click on the event type

As you open each one they will show the number of linked Events (example shows 117). If it is zero, you can then hit the Delete button.

If there are any Events linked to the Event Type then: 

Click on the Event Type name which has the most Events linked, go in and rename it so that it stands out. You can then go through the other duplicated Event Types and move the linked Events to the one renamed Event Type.

To bulk move Events please open up the renamed Event Type. Click on the plus icon symbol to open up a pop-up which enables you to search for the other duplicated Event Types.  

Run the following search, where once you have the list, you can hit the big plus and move them all to the main Event Type. 

  1. Find Event 
  2. Where Event Type matches 
  3. The unchanged Event Type 
  4. The bulk add option

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