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Enterprise Version - backups and project archiving fees

Backups:  You can request a Backup copy of any Project and its documents in your Enterprise to be emailed to you at any time for $1000 excluding GST per Project.  If you have multiple Projects, this fee applies up to 10 Projects, and then is reduced to $200 per Project over 10 Projects.  So for example, to get a backup copy of 20 Projects' data, the cost would be 10 Projects at $1000/Project + 10 Projects at $200/Project = $12,000. 

The Backup comes as a zip file containing all relevant data tables from your Project/s in .csv format.  These files can be opened with Excel.  The files include all of the data in your system and the relationships between entities, so no information is lost.

To request a copy of your Projects please email us at

Exports: Your data can also be exported from your system for free at any time from the Search grid.  This method downloads the records in .csv format and can be opened in Excel, and will include all of the information about the entity that you have open in your search grid.  This needs to be repeated for each different entity in the system, ie Stakeholders, then Properties, then Events etc.  These exports will not include the relationships between entities, and this information will be lost.


Archiving data: If you no longer need to access certain projects we can Archive them for you into the future.  The data will always remain on our server and if you need to access it in the future we can re-active the Project for you.  We can only archive entire Projects at a time, and not single records.

Important details of Archiving:

  1. The cost to Archive a Project (or group of Projects) is a minimum fee of $250 for up to 5 Projects.  Archiving additional Projects beyond 5 will incur a $50 fee per Project.
  2. We can Archive Projects at any point throughout the year, however, any change to your record count will not be reflected until the time of your annual renewal invoice.
  3. The records from these Projects will then be changed from ‘Live’ to ‘Archived’, and they will not be accessible from your system unless re-activated for a fee.

Important details of re-activating:

  1. The cost to re-activate a Project (or group of Projects) is a minimum fee of $500 for up to 5 Projects.  Re-activating additional Projects beyond 5 will incur a $100 fee per Project.
  2. You can have a Project(s) re-activated at any time throughout the year.  
  3. If you have a Project(s) re-activated and you go over a live record threshold you will be billed pro-rata for the new record threshold up to your next annual fee renewal date as per our usual process and pricing.
  4. Should a re-activation of a Project take you into a new record threshold, this threshold will remain until the end of your current year, even if the Project(s) is then re-archived and your actual record count then dips below the threshold again.

In order to have Projects archived, please see the steps below:

  1. We can only proceed to Archive projects with Approval from our key contact from your organisation for security reasons.  Please note that our key contact may not be an Enterprise Administrator User in the system, and we might have to redirect you to the key contact.
  2. Email us with the complete names of the Project(s) you wish to Archive, as they appear in your Consultation Manager system.
  3. Consultation Manager will then Archive the Project(s) within 5 business days, and the invoice for the Archiving will be sent following the completion of Archiving.
  4. Your next annual fee will then reflect your new record threshold.


*Note that your records will drop by the number of records 'restricted' to an Archived project.  For example an event is usually restricted to a Project.  However stakeholders tend to be unrestricted and global to all Projects.  

Data archiving is only available for systems containing 10,000 records or more.

To archive or re-activate projects please email us at


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