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Creating and Deleting Groups and Types

In order to create or delete a Group, List or a Type, a user must have Enterprise Administrator access if on an Enterprise Licence or Team Leader access if on a Lite Licence.

For an Enterprise, in the top right hand corner open Manage > Enterprise, and for a Lite Licence open Manage > Project.

To add a a new Group, List ore Type, on the left hand side, click on the plus button to open the Add window.  For this demonstration we will add a new Stakeholder Group.

  1. Name the new Stakeholder Group
  2. Select which Parent Group to categorise the new Group under (if relevant)
  3. Describe the purpose of this Group (not mandatory)
  4. Select the Projects you wish for this Group to be seen in
  5. Create the new group, and Continue to open it in the workspace

To delete a Stakeholder Group, open the Stakeholder Group by clicking on it from the Manage > Enterprise window.

Before you can delete the Stakeholder Group, all Stakeholders must be removed.  Following that, it's as simple as clicking delete.

For further information on how to add Entities to Groups and Types, please refer to this article: Adding and removing Stakeholders to Groups and Lists.

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