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Key Terms and Definitions


Data within Consultation Manager are segregated into six (6) major categories, including stakeholders, properties, events, actions, documents and team members. These are most commonly referred to as Entities, which are all interrelated.


A stakeholder is any interested party in the project.  Anyone you interact with outside of your project team.


Properties are any physical location, often including dwellings and land, associated with an ownership relative to the stakeholder.


Any interaction between stakeholders and team members are considered events, these are configured to suit your individual business requirements and frequently feature phone calls., email correspondence, meetings, discussion forums, letterbox drops, marketing campaigns, etc.

Any areas of concerns or issues raised during an interaction can be assigned to an event. There is no limit to the number of issues that can be allocated.


Actions are tasks or “to do” items assigned by a team member to themselves or another, usually when a follow-up or action is required. Actions remain active until they are resolved.


Documents are electronic files (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) or links to external document management systems that are best stored within the system for future reference.

Team Member

Any users of Consultation Manager are considered team members, often they are organisational employees and project contractors. However, this is not limited and any person requiring system access can be created as a team member.


Any new entity, such as a stakeholder, property, event, action, document or team member, is considered a record.


Consultation Manager uses a project style structure to effectively establish boundaries and data segregation. Projects can be further segmented into project groups.


The overarching system configuration is referred to as framework. This is unique to every organisations requirement and reporting outputs. In addition, the framework is selected to specifically suit the needs of individual project areas.

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