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Consultation Manager has six (6) different access levels, suitable to configure team member roles for different authority and responsibility within your organisation. The table below provides an overview for each.

Team Member

Team Members are those who have participated in an event or action but require no access to data i.e. they cannot login to the program. In addition, revoking a previous or past user to a team member will remove system access.

Data Viewer

Data Viewers have access to view data, lists and reports but are not able to enter new or modify existing data.

Data Entry

Users with Data Entry assignment can enter and only edit data that they have created.

Data Editor

Data Editors can view and generate reports, as well as edit and delete data but are not able to create or change lists and categories within the project.

Team Leader

Team Leaders can assign, remove and modify access levels on existing system team members for their project areas, however they cannot create new ones. They are also able to access and select lists for use in their project.

Enterprise Administrator

Enterprise Administrators hold full system administrative rights and can create, modify, remove and manage all framework.

This includes but is not limited to project creation, segregation and framework allocation of stakeholder groups, stakeholder distribution lists, property groups, property distribution lists, event types, issues and document folders.

In addition, Enterprise Administrators are responsible for creating new team member and issuing credentials.

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