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Microsoft Office Add-in: How to use in Outlook

The Microsoft Office add-in for Outlook allows you to upload emails directly from your inbox to Consultation Manager. 

Once installed, follow the steps outlined below to import your email as an Event within your system:

1. Double click the email you wish to import directly to Consultation Manager to open it. 

Once the email is open, look for the Consultation Manager “spinner” icon, and click to open.

The Microsoft Office add-in will then open in a pop-up window, enter your credentials (i.e. domain, username, email) then click “Login”.

Tip: Your domain name is the prefix in your URL / link used when accessing Consultation Manager via the web-interface.  Read What is my domain name? to learn more

2. Select the applicable project from your “Project” dropdown menu, then click “Next”

  • From this menu you can also select which Attachments you wish to include. These will be created as a Document associated with the Event in Consultation Manager. 

3. Select the applicable event from your “Event Type” dropdown menu and click "Next".

  • From this menu you can also select relevant Issues, and dictate the Location. 

4. Select the applicable Team Member i.e. yourself and the  associated Stakeholder/s, then click “Next"

Tip: Any Stakeholders that appear greyed out are not already in your Consultation Manager system. 

By checking the box beside their details, a new Stakeholder entity will be created. 

5. Edit or populate the Summary, Stakeholder Comments and Team Response, then click “Next”

  • Summary will automatically populate via the email subject
  • Stakeholder comments will automatically populate via to body of the email
  • Team response will be blank, waiting for your comments

6. The follow menu gives you the option to create an Action associated with the Event created. 

  • You do not have to select this option to select "Complete"

7. After clicking "Finish" you will receive a message advising of the email Import success.

It will also advise you how many of what Entities were created in your Consultation Manager system.  

Click “OK” to complete.

8. Once the Event has finished importing, you will be able to locate and open it within Consultation Manager using the Search function and workspace tabs.

Perfect, but how do I know what my domain is

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