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Social Pinpoint use in Consultation Manager

Identifying SP Records in CM


To find Stakeholders in CM who have created any data on your SP interface, search for a Stakeholder where Stakeholder Channel matches “SP”.

You can also identify Stakeholders who were created in CM via the integration on their individual profiles. The below text will appear in the Notes field. For this reason, we highly recommend you do not delete this information.

Event Type

You are required to create an Event Type across all relevant Projects in CM to reflect Events created from the integration. You may choose what to name this type (e.g. Social Pinpoint)we will need to know this information upon set up of the integration. Therefore, you can find Events brought across in the integration by searching for your configured Event Type.

Marker Types

To find Marker Types, search for Events and their “Marker Type”, as below.

Any Social Pinpoint Marker/Comment Data

As with a Stakeholder, you can search for any Event that has come through the integration by searching for an Event where Event Channel starts with “SP”.

How to get Social Pinpoint Integration

If you're interested in attaining the Social Pinpoint Integration for your system, please contact our Customer Success team:

1300 850 058

How does the Social Pinpoint Implementation work?

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