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Social Pinpoint Integrations - Implementation

How It Works

The integration allows for data captured in Social Pinpoint (SP) to push automatically through to Consultation Manager (CM). Just like CM, SP organises data through different Projects,and so the information is brought across Project to Project. Please note, integration is only available on CM’s Enterprise license where you have an existing SP account

Integration Settings 

During the integration set-up, you will advise which SP Project data you wish to import to CM. You can select whether you want data from SP to flow into one or multiple Projects in CM,or vice versa, as explained in the diagram below. Events and Stakeholders are created in CM to reflect the SP data, with different CM classifiers to demonstrate where the information has come from.

Flexible Project to Project Data Movement between SP and CM

Integration Behaviour

  • Stakeholders from SP are created as new records.
  • Comments are migrated to CM as an Event, displayed in the “Stakeholder Comments” box. These therefore become reportable in both a qualitative and quantitative nature, utilising all CM reporting capabilities and search query functions.
  • Marker Types from SP are brought into CM as a Type against an Event, associated with its corresponding Comments and the relevant Stakeholder.

How to get Social Pinpoint Integration

If you're interested in attaining the Social Pinpoint Integration for your system, please contact our Customer Success team:

1300 850 058

I already have the Social Pinpoint Integration, how do I find the records in Consultation Manager?

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