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Team Member Roles in Consultation Manager (Lite)

Team Member Roles in a Lite (Project) system

Team Leader

The role given to those that have full responsibility for the Project they are assigned to.  Team Leaders can perform all the tasks in the database including adding and removing team members.  It is vital that you have more than one Team Leader on a Project in case that person is sick or on leave.

Data Editor

Can add, delete and modify data in the Project/s they are assigned to.

Data Entry

Can add data and only delete or modify data that they themselves have personally put into a Project/s.

Data Viewers

This login is typically given to upper management or those overseeing a Project as it enables them to view all the data and run reports, however they can't enter data into the system or make any changes.

Team Members

Don't actually have a login to the Project however appear in the team list and can be recorded on events and can have Actions assigned to them.

In addition, as Team Members cannot login,  this is the role you set someone to when they leave your team.  Changing them to a Team Member keeps their history of interactions in the database but prevents them from accessing the system.

Alternatively, you can view a video on Managing Your Team here.

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