Webforms - General Information


A Consultation Manager webform is a HTML form that sits on your web page, allowing users to enter data that is sent directly to your Consultation Manager platform. 

Webforms allow your stakeholders to:

•    Register their interest in your projects

•    Provide feedback on projects

•    Make formal submissions during consultation periods

•    Join eNews/SMS distribution lists

How it works

When a web form is submitted, you can have one or more of these things happen:

1.    Record creation: multiple records can be created and added to the system. Typically, Events and Stakeholders are created. You can also choose to create other records like Documents and Actions.

  •     An Event - which represents the comments left on the form
  •     A Stakeholder – the person who submitted it.

2.    Email Receipts

  •     Have an email sent to the submitter of the webform confirming their request
  •     Have an email sent to your team alerting you to the submission

How to get it

Webform integrations are only available on Enterprise licences and are individually scoped and quoted depending on your specific requirements. 

If you're interested in attaining a customised Webform for your Enterprise system, please contact our Customer Success team:


1300 850 058

You can find more technical information regarding Webforms in this article here.

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