Webform Integration - Technical Information

Integrating webforms into Consultation Manager allows stakeholder data to automatically flow into your CM database.

What Consultation Manager Provides

We provide the HTML skeleton preconfigured with the Field names and values configured to your specifications. This is in an unstyled format so the existing CSS can be easily applied, allowing your web developers to design and arrange the web page in aesthetic and functional alignment with the rest of your website.

An endpoint will be provisioned which accepts the form POST data submissions.

Any additional business logic or specific requirements (for example, email receipts) is performed server-side. The user is then redirected to a site of your choosing.

What if you already have a webform?

Where your organisation already has a webform, we provide the endpoint that your IT department can leverage to submit the form data. Depending on the technology used by your site, you may elect to deliver this data server- or client-side. 

Once this is established, stakeholder data inputted into the page will flow automatically into your Consultation Manager database.

Spam Prevention

Google reCAPTCHA is also available for spam prevention.

How to get it

Webform integration is only available on Enterprise licences and is individually scoped and quoted depending on your specific requirements. 

If you're interested in attaining a customised Webform for your system, please contact our Customer Success team:


1300 850 058

You can find more general information on Webforms in this article here.

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