How does EHQ data translate into CM?

Data from Engagement HQ will integrate into Consultation Manager in the following ways. 


For each response to a survey, an Event with a related Document are created. The Event carries information regarding:

  • Who completed the Survey
  • The Questions asked
  • The Answers given
  • When the Survey response was submitted
  • Related Document with the complete Survey response

Note: Information regarding who completed the survey will only be available if the EHQ Survey is not set to anonymous. In cases where Survey’s aren’t anonymous, a Stakeholder entity is also created and linked to the Event.  


Photos are represented in CM as Documents.


Maps from EHQ are imported just like Surveys, but the Event also has an associated mappable location.


Like surveys, Q&As are represented in CM as Events with a related Stakeholder. On the Event entity, the Question asked is captured in the Stakeholder Comment field, and the organisation’s Answer is captured in the Team Response field.  Where the EHQ component is not set to anonymous, the User who asked the Question is created as a Stakeholder and related to the Event.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums are represented in CM as an Events with a related Document. A Discussion Forum is a dynamic component and is updated over time as more people participate in the forum. The integration caters for this by creating a central Event record with a related Document entity; and as new contributions are made, the Document is updated accordingly. Where the Discussion Forum is not set to anonymous, those participating Stakeholders are also related to the Event.

Key Dates

Key Dates are represented in CM as an Event.

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