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Microsoft Office Add-in: Technical Information

The Consultation Manager Microsoft Office add-in is a Microsoft Office COM add-in for Outlook, Word, and Excel. The add-in is installed via Windows executable (exe) for the current user, or for all users if the current user has administrative privileges. The application registers itself with Windows and can be uninstalled at any time via the Control Panel. No ports require opening it securely transmits data over HTTPS.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Office 2007* or above
  • Windows 7 or above
  • Internet Connectivity

Note: Office 2007 users may also require installation of separate pre-requisite VSTO compatibility pack.

The add-in is designed to assist the user with data entry into the Consultation Manager (CM) cloud service. The nature of the data being entered is dependent on which application is being used.

For Word and Excel, the option to upload the Document into CM is provided. This copies the active Document into CM’s internal document system.

For Outlook, the add-in helps the user enter email communications into CM as ‘Event’ records. These records are designed to record engagement activities. The Event records the contents of the email, and optionally links to recipients (either internal or external) of the email. There is also an option to upload attachments as Document records.

The add-in does not contact the Exchange server for information and does not modify any user data to perform these tasks. The add-in does not send data to any other systems. No activity is performed in the background, and no data is sent to CM without the User’s express instruction.

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