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Other login issues, self-help and trouble shooting

In addition to the following articles, here are some extra tips that might help with your login issues

Help, I forgot my password!

I forgot my username

I have locked my account...

I am not receiving the automated email, why? 

Are you logging in at the right place? 

Remember your username and password is both case and space sensitive. All Consultation Manager usernames contain a combination of lowercase letters and number. Never type your username in capitals, it will not authenticate and ultimately lock your account.

Also, avoid copying and pasting your username and password, instead try typing these out in full.

When you are copying there is a chance you can inadvertently include an additional space, which will affect your details and again the system will not authenticate.

Are you using a supported internet browser? 

Consultation Manager’s preferred internet browser is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These are available for free download.

Have you checked your Junk inbox? 

Sometimes Consultation Manager’s automated emails will end up in your Junk inbox. If you are expecting an automated email and you have not received it, please take a moment to check your junk folder – there is a good chance it may be there!

If this occurs, please take a moment to unblock all emails received from the domain. It will save any issues with this problem occurring in future.

Finally, some organisations have extremely tight cyber security. If this sounds like it could be your workplace, there is a chance our domain name has been blacklisted or blocked i.e. you will not receive any emails from us.

If you suspect this may be the case, please contact your internal IT department and ask for assistance. They will need to update to appropriate whitelisting.


Issues loading Consultation Manager

If you experience any issues loading your Consultation Manager platform, first check your internet connectivity. As Consultation Manager is accessed by a secure site, always ensure you have included the “s” in https://.   

Clear your temporary internet history or try a private window

Sometimes when you have reset your password or made other changes, your internet browser will cache your history. A simple way to clear this is by selecting Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard. You will see the internet browser refresh. Once complete, try entering your details again.

Alternatively, you can also open a private or incognito window. This effectively removes any previous browser history and is an effective way of testing whether a change is successful or the internet browser is caching.

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