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Are you logging in at the right place?

Did you know Consultation Manager have multiple licences and support an international client base? For this reason, your licence will affect where and how you access your platform.

Consultation Manager currently offer two different styles of licences,

  • Enterprise
  • Lite (previously known as Project)

Enterprise clients can only enter their system by a unique uniform resource locator (URL). This is commonly prefixed with an organisational acronym followed by “” and is displayed in your internet browser address or search bar.    

On the other hand, Lite clients can access their project via the Consultation Manager public website or a dedicated project URL.

If you do not know where to access your Consultation Manager platform, try referring to the email you initially received with your login details or speak to colleague and double check.

Tip: Consultants and contractors often use Consultation Manager for a variety of clients across different platforms. Do not assume that the login location is always the same, take special note of the URL provided in the initial email. This will always detail the correct location to login. 

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