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In this upgrade: learn how to map events and stakeholder details.

The Event entity now has provision to include address details. When adding new events, there is a new field 'Address' that captures the location of the site specific activities and issues. Note, this is an alternative to the existing 'Location' field.

Use the 'Address' field to plot Events on a map and gain a geographical perspective. For instance, if the Event is a complaint about dust coming from a specific site, entering the address allows the site and relevant issues to be mapped (see screenshot below).

For example, go to:
run the search Find Event_where_Event Issue is Dust

Stakeholders can also be mapped through their address details. Identify geographical trends in particular issues raised by stakeholders and areas where Events are more frequent.

For example, go to:
run the search Find Stakeholder_where_Event Issue is Dust
optional, add to search Find Stakeholder_where_Linked to my project (in an Enterprise version)

Please note: address details with a PO Box number cannot be mapped.
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