Managing eNews Unsubscribe

Stakeholders are able to unsubscribe from eNews campaigns at any point.

Stakeholders can unsubscribe by selecting the link at the bottom of the eNews. This takes the stakeholder to a screen showing the distribution lists they are currently assigned to from which they can unselect or untick and in turn, unsubscribe from.

 can be viewed in the stakeholder history and the auditing area by the Enterprise Admin.

To set this up you'll need to go into the distribution list. Steps 1-4 requires Enterprise Admin access, then select:

1. Select Manage_Enterprise

2. Go to Stakeholder Distribution List and select + to create a new list

If a Stakeholder Distribution List has already been created then simply open the relevant list.

3. Complete the details and select ‘Allowed’ from the drop down

4.  Now 'Create' and 'Send' the eNews (Any level of access can create an eNews)


5. Stakeholder receives the eNews and decides to unsubscribe by selecting:

Click here if you no longer wish to receive these emails

(found at the bottom of the eNews)

6. Stakeholder is redirected to the unsubscribe website

Stakeholders can select which ‘Privacy Option’ by selecting the dropdown settings. No restrictions is the default setting, which enables the stakeholder's details to be available for all relevant email/ENews/SMS distribution lists across all projects in the system. When a stakeholder changes their Privacy Options, the following will take place:

Do not email:

- the stakeholder will not receive an email/eNews campaign from any projects in the system. The stakeholder’s details are blocked from receiving all email campaigns.

- Other stakeholders with the same email address will still have their email details available to receive emails.

- Note: the stakeholder will still remain in the relevant distribution lists unless they also untick the distribution list check boxes, however the email campaign will be blocked and the email will not be sent.

Do not SMS: setting works the same as ‘Do Not Email’ but for when an SMS text campaign is sent.

Do not email/SMS: setting works the same again but for both email and SMS campaigns.

Stakeholder can then select which distribution list to be apart of by checking the boxes.

7. Stakeholder selects ‘Confirm Details’ and a ‘Thank you’ screen is shown.

This is tracked and recorded automatically in the system. A log is kept under the ‘History’ of the stakeholder or in Tools_Audit_Stakeholder. These details can only be accessed by the Enterprise Admin.
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