How to set up an ENewsletter


1. Open relevant Project from 'Project' tab

2. Select 'Tools_ENews/SMS'


3. From the ENews/SMS listing select 'Add'

4. Complete details in the ‘Add ENews/SMS’

Then select ‘Create’ and then ‘Continue

5. Setting up an ENews

6. Designing the layout for an ENews

7. Checking the ENews

As you're creating your ENews, save the changes as you go by selecting 'Save'.

'Test Send' will send a test email/ENews to yourself (the team member who has logged in only)

8. And then Sending

Selecting 'Send' on the ENews will take you through a series of options to 'Send now' or 'Send later'. Selecting the 'Send later', you can program a future date for the ENews to be sent.

You can also purchase credits to send the ENews. This is only required when working in a Project version of Consultation Manager. When sending an ENews from an Enterprise version, ENews is a complementary.

An Event will also be created so as to include the ENews details in future searching and reporting.

Unsubscribe function

The option for stakeholders to unsubscribe is available via a link at the end of the ENews. Stakeholders can manage what project communications they receive by selecting the relevant distribution lists they’d like to be apart of or remove themselves altogether.

Any changes are then noted against the stakeholder in Consultation Manager under their History. Only the Enterprise Admin can see these details.


  • When the ENews is sent, the email shows only one stakeholder's email details. As in a Bcc: arrangement, details of all the other stakeholders listed are kept private.
  • The default is for ENews/SMS to be restricted to 'Selected Projects Only'. Unrestricted will have the ENews/SMS available to all projects.
  • Selecting 'Undo / Refresh' will undo the recent change or refresh the recent saved changes

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