Customisations to your Consultation Manager Enterprise platform

We can integrate Consultation Manager with other software platforms.

All integrations or applications need to be estimated by our development team prior to you receiving your quote. This estimating process is billed at $150 per hour plus GST.

When this process has been finalised you will be presented with a quote to finalise the integration or application.

To commence this process we recommend that you provide us with as much detail as possible to minimise the time and cost involved in the scoping process.  

For example if you wish to add functionality to a certain Consultation Manager screen then take a screenshot, drop it into Powerpoint and draw your modifications on it.  Or, if you would like a new report, then make a mockup of what that report would look like in Word.

Please also note that using our API your IT team can integrate their applications with Consultation Manager themselves.  For more information on this please see the following link:

Integrating applications using our API

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