How does Consultation Manager maximise deliverability of e-newsletters?

To maximise deliverability of Communicator emails, Consultation Manager implements the following policies.

Consultation Manager sends all emails from bounced@consultationmanager.com.au.  This address is hidden from your recipients but is used to enable us to manage emails that are bounced back due to factors such as incorrect email addresses or full mailboxes and to provide feedback on failed delivery to you through the Communicator interface.

Consultation Manager also implements a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) on consultationmanager.com.au which specifies the IP addresses allowed to send email from consultationmanager.com.au.  This gives receiving mail servers confidence that Communicator emails are not spam and enhances deliverability.

However, to the recipient, Communicator emails will appear to come from the address you specify in the From Email field in Consultation Manager.  

The only exception to this rule is if the recipient is on the same domain as the From Email domain.  In this case, the email will appear to be 'from' communicator@consultationmanager.com.au but the Reply-To address will be your From Email.  This exception is in place because some mail servers are especially strict about emails that appear to be sent from their domain but originate from a different source.

For example:

If you send a Communicator Email with the From Email: me@mydomain.com.au

  • If the email is sent to:  david@someotherdomain.com.au, the email will be sent FROM: me@mydomain.com.au
  • If the email is sent to: alice@mydomain.com.au, the email will be sent FROM: Me <communicator@consultationmanager.com.au> with REPLY-TO: Me <me@mydomain.com.au>

In all cases, if a recipient clicks 'Reply', their reply will be addressed to me@mydomain.com.au

It is possible (however unlikely) that some receiving mail servers will test the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) of the From Email address (as well as our sending domain).  The intention of SPF is to provide checks for the sending domain (Envelope Sender) only, however this possibility still exists. If your organisation implements an SPF, it is possible that Communicator Emails will be rejected by these mail servers as we will not be authorised to send email that is apparently from your domain.

While we regard this as an unlikely scenario, if you are concerned about this possibility, please ask your IT team to add the following text to the SPF for your domain:


This will ensure that the IP addresses used to send Communicator emails are explicitly allowed to send email from your domain.

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