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Action KPI Reporting

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting in Consultation Manager is handled through the setting and closing out of actions.  It works off the elapsed time taken between the setting and closing times of actions.

Anyone can run an Action KPI report by choosing it from the Report Menu.  Once run the report comes out in Excel with five worksheets.  On the first worksheet called 'Data' there is a notes section in column 'M' which gives you a full rundown of how the calculations are done.  The other worksheets all display the results graphically.

If for any reason you want to export these fields yourself from within Consultation Manager you can show them by going to Manage - Preferences, then to 'Search Results' and tick the boxes for Initiated, Elapsed Time, Elapsed Mins, Performance and Performance Mins.  This then shows them in any actions search results which you can export as a .csv file and open in Excel.

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