Project Version Clients only - Options you can take at the end of a Project

There are a number of options that clients take at the end of a project.

If you need to look up information and/ or run a report from time to time but no longer need to enter more information:

For this we recommend changing to our 'read-only' plan.  This means that your Project is put in a 'read-only' state.  So you can still access it and run reports, but you can't enter any new data or make any changes to existing data.  This is available for 50% of the current annual fee of a project.   If your require this please email us at support@consultationmanager.com.au

If you are certain that you no longer need your project:

You may wish to keep a backup copy of your data for legal reasons.  In this case we can email a zipped copy of your data in .csv format for $1000 plus GST and then remove the project from Consultation Manager.  Note that data cannot be reused using Consultation Manager in this case.  

Alternatively you can print out final reports and export searches to excel using the Consultation Manager searches and clicking on the export button. 

For more information on backups please click here 

If you need to restore your project:

Should you decide to cancel your project you can request a restore of your project in the future.  Restoring a project attracts a restore fee of $1800 plus GST plus your applicable annual fee.

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